The Jeep Journals

I left my corporate job on 7/21/17 in order to help showcase Nature for Mother Nature fans online. I did not arrive easily at this decision since my corporate job paid extremely well and included amazing benefits. Alas, the one benefit I was not easily allowed was the time to immediately pursue any and all wild events happening any and all moments of every day throughout the world. I know it would have helped me greatly to see more Nature during the work week, so that is what I’ve set out to bring to you. Stay tuned!

Haughty or Nice?

Monday, December 20, 2021 3:20 PM

As the ho, ho, holiday season advances, and as families begin to prepare to travel and/or continue to unravel with one another, I cannot help but reflect on my relationships of yesteryear. I state over and over that I believe in my heart that we are ALL interconnected. That you are reading this is no mere coincidence. You are reading this because we “crossed” paths together. The key element there? Together. Even in our darkest hours we are not alone. The unusual trick to it all is to operate as if we are outside of our own head. “Out of your mind” some might call out at those who think freely.

Today is December 11, it is 1:22pm of 2021 as I type this message. Not long ago my life took a very clear turn. Previously, I was not being very nice. Some might say I was being “haughty”. For the purpose of this blogonstration, I will include the underpinnings of the spelling of this word for review AND pose the question “Have you ever used and/or heard the term ’she’s a hottie”?:

arrogantly superior and disdainful.
“a look of haughty disdain"

These deep thoughts which any of us can scoff at or grin at are thoughts that can only come as the mind is open to traveling into spaces that may not have been investigated before. In this nation, we value God. On our very own paper currency are indicators even using marked phrases such as “In God We Trust”. To travel a little bit further today with one another, I invite you into my most personal space, the space immediately in front of me at this very moment. You are seeing my desk as it is at the moment I am typing this very message.

Around the holidays, I often think of those with whom I have journeyed. Our journeys have been many! At the keyboard separated by screens (better for our health?) or face to face witnessing the marvels of Mother Nature! If She is not against us, certainly She is for us! I wonder, as the news of last night’s deadly winter storm unfold, are we scoffing the headlines that reference climate change or global warming? Or are we humbly asking for the mercy of God on our fellow travelers?

Some people can hardly stand to read so far to receive even the most valued of energies, the knowledge it takes to not only withstand and overcome the storm, but to accept it for all it is needed for. While it is interesting to think that seeing a snake can cause an unkind responsive behavior in a person, it might seem dangerous to think that seeing a person in a specific garment, or holding a specific book, or saying a particular word, or committing a particular act MIGHT trigger an unkind responsive behavior.

In other words, what feeling(s), if any, did the Book of Mormon cause you? It caused me a great night’s sleep! I read quite a bit and slept well. I woke well rested to later learn of some terrible news that had already been forecasted, and, may I add, possibly written about well in advance. Which books we read matters not. What matters is whether we ever might “spend” the time to connect with one another after seeing, hearing, and/or speaking anything with one another. Does our basic comfort cause concern?

Is it our nature to imagine the beast simply by hearing the word nature? Or snake? Or bigot? Or fraud? What often irritates us is what we recognize as a trait we might in fact be coveting, or “jealous of”. The Bible itself contains many passages, although only one passageway is truly referenced when it comes to peace. The Book of Mormon? It is Another Testament of Jesus Christ! It contains much of the same sentiment! If they are not against us, surely they are for us! But who is “they”? And who is “us”?

My friends, The Jeep Journals was a phrase I coined (and a website I registered) the moment I realized how vital my respectful use of the tools I was given has been. My Jeep? My ability to play music? My love for poetry that rhymes? Songwriting? Guitars? Music for road trips? It all factors in to whether I feel Haughty or Nice! Some thought processes cause a much more pleasant sleep. Knowing that our fellow children of the globe are suffering has made me revisit what I “want” for Christmas.

Throughout time we will travel together, and so I call upon you, Fellow Time Traveler, to help one another along in this journey. If any of you grew up with rock and roll music, and if any of us can pause to remember that one famous song whose line goes “We eat and drink while tomorrow they die”, perhaps for the first time in their existence even one previously Lonely Traveler will understand that there need be no more Bloody Sunday when we can recognize today how to help out before The Day After Tomorrow.

‘Till next time, Peace, Love, and All That Old School Stuff!

Rey (From the 210 : )