The Jeep Journals

I left my corporate job on 7/21/17 in order to help showcase Nature for Mother Nature fans online. I did not arrive easily at this decision since my corporate job paid extremely well and included amazing benefits. Alas, the one benefit I was not easily allowed was the time to immediately pursue any and all wild events happening any and all moments of every day throughout the world. I know it would have helped me greatly to see more Nature during the work week, so that is what I’ve set out to bring to you. Stay tuned!

Light The Way

Friday, December 3, 2021 5:35 PM

Today is Friday, December 3. Today I was given the address for my father AND after failing in my attempts to contact him for over a month so far, I was also able to reach him by phone. All of this manifested quite rapidly after hearing from two other relatives. Have any of you “lost” a relative without actually losing them? Where they were hidden from you for a period of time? Possibly to the detriment of all? Possibly at the relief of some who have had to bear the burden for so long already?

It is coming up on quitting time for those who enjoy the weekend. I am no exception in that I would love to enjoy the weekend without the drama of yesteryear and so once again I am grateful for knowing where my own family is and how they are doing. Not everyone has this luxury. In today’s highly social (anti-social) world where the communication can happen at the speed of a text, I yearn for something a bit… Slower...

Have any of you found yourself surrounded by garbage? So much waste is able to be recycled and yet despite our massive efforts to curb the one time use, curbside itself has magnified an already daunting scenario. For those not opposed, I’d love to change subjects for just a moment so we can deep dive into the OTHER trashy situation we are facing at times, and just how at some times we are facing a trashy situation which is generated by our own selves...

Please enjoy the following video which includes a simple demo of one of my newer songs that will most likely be named “Slower”.

Slower - A Visual Journey Showcasing the Wildlife Refuge and Nude Beach Area of Texas’s South Padre Island