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Those who know me know that I'm not out to make a fast buck. I'm only in need of whatever I have the need for on a daily basis. Everything else is as temporary as our fast moving lives. While we've got time on earth to spend with one another please remember that some of our primary industries are being hit hard by these isolation periods. Health is wealth. Reducing, reusing and recycling are all great ways to contribute to the health of our communities as much as these actions are beneficial to our own personal health and wellness.

I recently launched a new venture showcasing items made from often reclaimed items such as broken guitar strings which would otherwise go unused and might be simply discarded without thought. In today's fast changing world we need to quickly recognize the needs of the many so that the needs of ourselves can also be met. Please help spread the word concerning my online sites not so much so that I can make a sale out of any items I have here but so I can continue making a positive contribution to my own local communities. Every dollar spent is a vote made in faith. I have faith that everything I need will be met each and every day of my life and I wish the same blessings to you. Health is wealth, invest wisely!